Our Winning Philosophy


Mission Statement


Secure Net Alliance will uphold our promise to clients, staff, and partners to provide excellent service, by anticipating and resolving all challenges, continually developing professionalism in our ranks, and focusing on and meeting our clients’ needs for service, safety, and peace of mind.


Our Winning Philosophy


Our winning philosophy is made of 3 components


1. First is the mindset held by every member of our team that our priority is to SERVICE.

2. Second, is to be to our clients not just another guard service, but a SECURITY RESOURCE FIRM: an organization that provides comprehensive resources. These include:

  • Uniformed security staffing and protection
  • Talent and executive protection and transport
  • Security risk assessments
  • Vehicle patrol
  • Pre-OSHA inspections
  • Comprehensive background screening
  • Investigations support
  • Responsive 24-hour supervision
  • Remote and on-site alarm and camera monitoring


3. And perhaps most importantly, we only hire officers who have the potential and retain staff who are committed to becoming a leader. Without commitment to self-development, leading by example, and bringing out the best in others, we would be like any other guard service.


  • Leadership is when every member of our team is showing others the right way to do things,whether or not anyone is watching.
  • Leaders work as a team and foster collaboration and excellent and timely communications
  • Leadership ensures we are getting more accomplished together than any single person could accomplish alone.
  • Leaders embody a never quit attitude.
  • We want everyone we hire to be a leader and help bring-up the next new team member.


Secure Net Alliance Vision


Secure Net Alliance vision is to reshape the security industry using our winning philosophy as we emerge as a dynamic and powerful influence with our excellent attentiveness to service, self-reliant and self-motivated personnel, and offering comprehensive choices at a fair value for our clients.


Compassion, Empathy, and Love


All on the Secure Net Alliance team understand that addressing and resolving issues with compassion and empathy is the best way to address concerns. Our focus on professional development not only includes skill training but also addresses how to move others into a mental space that is appropriate and fair. Many on our team feel that treating others with these virtues can be clearly expressed as follows.

“Love is Patient and Kind, Love is not Jealous or Boastful or Proud or Rude, it does not Demand its own way, it is not Irritable, and it keeps no Record of being Wronged. It does not Rejoice about Injustice, but Rejoices whenever the Truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses Faith, is always Hopeful, and Endures through every Circumstance.” 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7