Its About You..


Our commitment to you and meeting your needs goes beyond having someone in uniform standing at your main entrance.  To offer the best protection possible, it takes the right mindset, ongoing training, adjusting to an ever-changing environment, and a systems approach to bring together the resources and support you deserve.




All SNP personnel must pass strict qualifications and background checks in order to qualify for employment for the purpose of providing you with highly trained officers."

All security personnel of SNP are certified and registered with the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). When a new applicant is interested in employment with SNP, the applicant must present a current-issued California security registration card. The California security registration is verified by  BSIS.

SNP Management and its security personnel stay informed and up-to-date on the latest:

  • Workforce Violence Prevention
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Public Relations - Community, Clients, and Customers
  • Preserving the Incident Scene
  • Communications and its Significance




Supervisors perform frequent inspections of our security personnel to ensure professional appearance, including the condition of uniforms, alertness, and knowledge of the general and specific security instructions relating to your operations.

Since this group is a vital extension of the management team, proper selection and training is important. SNP has developed formal programs to prepare our security personnel including seminars, classroom training, video instruction, public relations with emphasis on serving the client and the community, and the organizational policy and procedural manual.


Security Officers


Uniformed officers will control access to sensitive and restricted areas such as schools, commercial facilities, construction sites, and housing communities.

Uniformed officers will control access to sensitive and restricted areas such government installations, schools, commercial/industrial facilities, construction sites, residential communities, financial institutions and healthcare networks. Patrols are designed for high visibility and can be developed for overt and covert surveillance to  deter potential internal and external criminal activities.

Suit (Special Event Specialist) – When it comes to keeping your private affairs (premiers, screenings, recognition/award shows) a pleasant, safe and secure environment.

VIP Personal Protection- Agents will discreetly assure the safety and confidentiality of high profile clients, their families, talent and executives while at home or in their place of business.

Undercover – (UC) Specialists can integrate themselves into an organization and obtain and process critical information. A series of interviews follows the investigation by Certified Investigators to support a fair outcome.